We have some exciting news regarding ground breaking technologies to improve the long term quality of life for your loved ones. Dr. Dunn now has a credential in mesenchymal stem cell therapy treatment in animals. The stem cells are adult in origin and are collected from fat stores from the animal to be treated. These cells are sent to a specialty lab which isolates the regenerative cells and returns them to us within 24 hours to be used in the patient needing treatment. Current treatments include degerative joint disease and osteoarthritis, but new potential treatments are being tested in liver disease, heart disease, and certain degenerative problems of the spinal cord.

We would also like to announce that we now are using the latest equipment in cold laser therapy. The Companion Cold Laser unit we are using is the top of the line light therapy unit on the market and the potential uses include treatment of arthritis pain, speeding of wound healing, treatment of lick granulomas, promotion of healing with chronic ear infections, and reduction of inflammation associated with stomatis in cats. Our patients and their owners have been thrilled with this non-invasive and painless treatment option and we are very happy to add one more weapon to our arsenal for treating pain and disease processes in our beloved animals.

Finally, as always we keep the most current diagnostics tools including blood analyzers, radiography, EKG, and ultasonography which allow us to perform most tests in house within minutes. Please remember that we also perform almost all surgical and dental procedures in house by one of our three doctors that have a combined sixty five years of surgical experience and if necessary we also have the ability to design and administer chemotherapy protocols for animals in need of such services.

We take pride in being a small hospital with a big heart. We have the tools and experience of larger city based practices but more of the ability to get to know our patients well and understand their needs. We are not a teaching hospital and as a result you will only see one of our experienced veterinarians in addition to our wonderful technician, reception, and kennel support staff. If you have any questions regarding any of our services or products, please feel free to call us at 305-743-6250 or email us.

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